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By way of introduction is an Internet web portal worldwide relocation services offering consumers all of the relocation services they need. Our site is driven on one side by real estate agents who direct their clients and prospects and on the other by the providers of those services: banks, movers, insurance companies, mortgage companies, home service providers and many more.

If you are asking yourself what is it that MIAO does the answer is simple if you are living in a house, condo or apartment and you want help maintaining that home is the answer? If you are thinking of buying a home or selling your home we can help. Every step of the way in owning buying and selling is your one stop shop. Therefore this is where needs your help. is in need of Business providers to offer valuable services to our consumers. Our Company would like to build a relationship with your firm for local and worldwide advertising under the appropriate categories that best suit your firm. All these categories are organized in a very used friendly format on our website. Consumers that use our site will definitely need these services when in the process of there move.

We plan to grow our existence through several web based portals. As we grow, our goal is to become the biggest and best source of referral and relocation services worldwide.

Standard membership to our website is $250.00 for a 1 year listing.

For banner pricing please contact our corporate office.

If you have questions you may call our corporate office at 800-355-0744 or email us at


Why use MIAO? (MIAO) is an electronic relocation enabler, a one-stop portal for Worldwide Relocation Services. It is your trusted guide through moving and relocation process that eases every step of the way.