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Staged N Sold Properties Inc. Staged N Sold Properties Inc.
Connie Nedergaard
1527 Bear Hill Road
K0A 1L0
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Connie became a Realtor in 2003 and quickly achieved her accrediation as a Realtor and stager. She then started her own staging business. StagedNsold, Inc. becoming very successful in 2006 she becae the official ASP Course Trainer for Staged homes in Canada. As president of StagedNSold, Connie is proud of the team she has been instrumental in developing throughout Canada.

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Quotes & Testimonials

Judy Price:
""We are very pleased with the quality of service we received from our home service provider; the updates we requested ... were made without flaw!""

Mary Simpson:
"Moveinandout was wonderful from start to finish. Getting the quote was easy, my questions before the move were always responded quickly in a friendly manner, and the movers on the day of were extremely professional and courteous. Everything I could ask for in a moving company! Thanks MoveInandout for giving me quotes by reliable, dependable companies. Mary Simpson Los Angles, Ca"